Someday my love, will return to me.
Perhaps soon, I’ll take a knee.
I’ve framed many with love, without any strings.
For their love is worth more than any piece of paper.
Their love blinded my eyes as it healed my heart.
So, I gave away some of my priceless art.

Someday their love, will set me free.
Perhaps soon, they’ll truly recognize me.
I’ve dreamed about their love, healing my soul.
For their love is worth more than any material gain.
Their love has encased my soul, inspiring my art.
So, I gave away some from my beating heart.

Someday with love, they’ll understand me.
Perhaps soon, they’ll know true liberty.
I’ve suffered without their love, living all alone.
For their worth is heavenly, nothing can compare.
Their love has set my path, I’m upon today.
So, I gave towards all, keeping my depression at bay.

Someday through love, it will find me.
Perhaps soon, for all of eternity.
I’ve paid from my loving soul, giving it my all.
For their worth is priceless, beyond what I say.
Their love fuels my art that I’ve hidden away.
So, I gave towards all, a simple and modest start.

Someday God’s love, will return from above.
Perhaps soon, they’ll unite as one.
I’ve paid throughout my life, without any rewards.
For their collective love, trying to restore its return.
Their love found its mark, it struck home.
So, I gave it my all, as the king of nothing yesterday.

Someday without love, I will be called away.
Perhaps soon, I’ll face judgement day.
I’ve considered many different things, opinions I truly have.
For life is our true wealth, not any material hoarding.
Their love has made me whole, returning it is my goal.
So, I gave it my all, while keeping focus upon the light.

Someday our love, will reunite our humanity.
Perhaps soon, they’ll again be free.
I’ve pleaded from my soul, serving as our king.
For all life shines bright, beyond the stars above.
Their love has set me free, in service with humility.
So, I gave to all love, this is my only currency.