“The Call . . .”

I say: “You don’t know me.” I say: “You got me wrong.”
I say: “You gotta show me.” I say: “You must move along.”
What have you ever really given?
Oh, God! But I ain’t coming back.

Although I say things lightly (lightly), I am very seldom joking.
Oh, I’ve been wrong before (before), I face up to my faults.
Freedom, behind my many walls.
Oh, God! But I ain’t looking back.
I’m staring into my future (future).

Although I’ve twisted many words (words), I have not truly lied.
Oh, I’ve forgotten my music (music), I still write my beats.
I’ve been truly kind. I’ve given much away.
Love of life (this life), my soul (soul).
God’s been keeping me around.

I say: “You have heard me.” I say: “I’ve played a clown.”
I say: “I’ve got to rise.” I say: “I’ve got to dream.”
What have I ever given?
Oh God! They don’t have a clue.

My heart is very heavy, I lost my true love.
My artistic gifts framed her, but she has stayed away.
It’s complicated, I’m sad and don’t feel appreciated.
Oh, God! She has sold her soul. Is there truly redemption?
Thank you for this life.

I’ve tried to be respectful.
I’ve tried to give for free.
I’ve been silently hurting.
I’ve been patiently waiting.
I’ve heard the call.

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Oh, God . . . I’ve answered your call.