“The Foundation Fraternity Wars!”

World Wars One and Two were possibly campaigns of the Shrine (LIBERAL/DEMOCRATIC/IRAN) against Masonry (CONSERVATIVE/REPUBLICAN/ISRAEL) brought about by social and economic conditions.

WWI ended in a draw, but WWII was won by Masonry.

In the Middle East and some parts of Africa, the process of destabilization has been taking place, undermining “western Influence.”
Since the end of WWII, there has been an endless push against the foundation of “Western society” to change it through immigration, education, health care, civic/municipal/provincial/federal government, laws, policing, military, and economic (local as well as global marketplace).

In the Commonwealth (Canada) You MUST be a Mason first in order to become a Shriner. The Fraternal Institutions are constantly at odds.


Immigration in the past, assimilation took place when the new Canadian/American arrived and our society was culturally and ethnically diversified, but now they form clusters (communities). Further, the new Canadian/American has a more Liberal view and not conservative.

The municipal/civic/provincial/federal government is influenced heavily by these new communities changing our electoral map to red.

Our government passes laws to govern our actions. This too turns red. Policing turns to red as the blood of our citizens as well as police officers runs in the streets with their being more support for the perpetrator then the victim of a crime.

The military is underfunded and a lack of commitment to global conflicts (coalitions) takes place.

Education is targeted and underfunded, changing the way we teach our children and what they learn. More focus on budget takes place.

Health care changes when the new immigrant requires vaccinations to eradicate polio and other ailments and again budget restraints hamper services provided. Our aging population is also a problem that will strain services.

Economic changes in our marketplace take form, through the easing of restrictions, the removal of laws, and an overall watering down of policy.

The above takes place simultaneously and is the template for a Liberal victory forcing the Masonic Order to become radical.