“The Love is Gone . . .”

The love is gone; no turning back time.
The love is gone; bring me more wine.
The love is gone; hiding within my pain.
The love is gone; I’m now alone again.


Seems like it was just the other day,
That you smiled at me and came my way.
If only I knew the future, I would have changed my ways . . .
Ooh, ooh

I’m sorry for what I said and didn’t do,
I just couldn’t help myself is the utter sad truth.
You inspired my art and fueled my dreams . . .
Ooh, ooh

I’d take back the words that I sadly said,
I’d try to erase all the pain and sow love instead.
Now I face life alone, which I utterly dread . . .
Ooh, ooh

I would wipe away all your tears,
I would share life through all my years.
I would simply hold you and erase your fears . . .
Ooh, ooh

My reflection hides many broken dreams,
The pain inside I wear upon my sleeves.
I’ve given much away to the extent that you’d never believe . . .
Ooh, ooh

There comes a time when you must face truths,
No memories of love shall pull me through.
There’s not much else that I can say or do . . .
Ooh, ooh.