“The Sacrifice of Heroes!”

As they are lined up against the wall.
Someone is filming to send on to all.
No one is left nearby to care where you fall.
Nothing more than a commercial, cannon fodder they say.
To strike fear in the minds of those far away.

Nothing left but unmarked graves in the sand.
They don’t consider the Wife’s empty hand.
Or of a Husband trying to make their child understand.
Their Mommy or Daddy regrettably had a fall.
While they paid heed to their Nation’s call.

What is agreed is that opposite philosophies shall never meet.
It is neither this way nor that and neither shall ever retreat.
Prices are high and lives are the coins that are paid.
The costs of liberty, freedom and the pursuit of happiness for all.
No price is too great and no life sacrificed too small.

When will we all learn? Until then someone will pay the price.
They cover the costs of our travels in life.
So we must pay them due honor, give thanks and praise.
Families left without husbands, daughters, sons and wives.
All paid so we can go on with our daily lives.

There are countless reminders for all to see.
To secure the lives of our families, we benefit, yes you and me.
This is the blood of our liberty.
Truth is justice in the end for all.
Let us remember to honor those that are prepared to fall.

The few that have heard the call.
We owe them this and so much more.
Let us not forget the sacrifices made before.
Let us also learn from histories passed.
Perhaps eventually, peace shall finally last.

Until then we must remember and learn.
So these sacrifices are not made in vain.
Stop to reflect and give a moment of your time.
In silence, show your respect as our heroes pass by.
For us all they have sacrificed and died.

Remember that they are the vehicle in which we hop on for the ride.
Many have fallen off along the way.
Society’s freedom allows for choices to be made along the way.
Gives birth to our lives and opportunities.
Opportunities turn our dreams into our realities.

Some things in life we cannot change.
No matter what we do, say or try.
In the end we must live with the truth.
To protect our ideals and way of life.
A band of a few will sacrifice and die.
They go to war, the same as before.
In the fields they are often left to lay.
Are they remembered or forgotten?
This is up to us all, yes, you and I.
Honor their memory and sacrifice.
They live on for us and with us all.
Perhaps one day we will learn to live as one.
May our peace our heroes we gained take hold and last.
Perhaps one day soon, we will actually learn from the past.
Let us all honor our heroes present and past.
In the name of peace be silent and reflect upon the prices paid.
For those few who have paid with their lives for this, our land.
We thank you one and all for sacrificing and making a stand.
May you rest in peace as you make your travels east.
Deserts can add another pebble amongst their many mounds of sand.

Use American National Anthem as the core / theme melody.
Use footage from CNN:
Aired in the early stages of Iraq and Afghanistan
Has President Bush claiming victory on a battleship
Depicts the honoring of the veterans from past conflicts/wars
Flanders Fields, the Crosses at Arlington Cemetery          
Shows troops handing out food and humanitarian aid          
Cover each war with the same thing occurring          
Veterans from past and present conflicts/wars paying homage at cenotaphs (TAPS faintly in background)
Use footage from Al Jazeera
The execution of hostages          
Osama bin Laden and his video messages
President Obama announcing the death of Osama bin Laden
Troops departing from Iraq (gate closing)
Troops departing from Afghanistan, Iraq
Have American flag waving faintly in background at end of video, unfurled in desert
End with TAPS playing with a wreath of poppies at the base of the flag
Ten seconds of silence showing flag and wreath