“The UN Unity Dollar”

Idea to unite this waring planet through a currency is possible! Imagine no more inequality! This concept has been around for an exceptionally long time but has failed to flourish simply because of our individualistic nationalism.

The cornerstone of this concept must be based upon the “INFINITE VALUE OF LIFE!” If you promote equality, you free humanity’s potential!

My idea is to print a single currency that celebrates the cultures of the world and eliminate foreign exchange rates and currency differentials. To print the following:

1 commemorative UN UNITY dollar for each citizen of the planet and give it to each person to hold with a serial number that registers it to that person, who would be turned into the TRUST upon death (Social Insurance Number). This would serve as their governmental identification. These would NOT be legal tender for it would represent the value of the person in question, which is limitless! They even could have their fingerprints and DNA upon them, along with a chip that would glow green when on the person for the individual would have a chip at birth within them through injection. The bar code could also be used on the UN UNITY dollar.

All TRUST’s agencies for governance could then be streamlined. Each family could be tracked, monitored for positive purposes!

1 DUPLICATE UN UNITY dollar for each person would be kept by the TRUST in order to record keep but also to safeguard against disaster such as flood, fire etc.

Everyone could then be made to work for each other by providing tasks on a daily basis to run the society in question in exchange for UN UNITY moneys by simply printing what every country requires to operate without a fixed rate, just printing whatever the global market requires. Simple.

Set a common wage for an average citizen of a dollar per hour as the global standard. As a person is promoted to more difficult tasks, duties, jobs, etc., we could create a global standard with common increases.

Example: a person who rises up to be the CEO of a company could receive 100 UN UNITY dollars per hour as compensation for their efforts in society.

Example: a president for a specific nation within the UN structure might receive 1,000 UN UNITY dollars per hour as compensation for their efforts.

Common shares known as CHIPS could be created, where one chip would represent 1/100 of a UN UNITY dollar. It could be streamlined to represent different sectors, services, commodities, etc.

Since we would all share in the market, it would be owned by—you guessed it—the people, through the TRUST!

UN UNITY dollars would do what war can’t, we would be united!

I can go on forever! Thanks for allowing me this opportunity to vent yet again!