“Time vs. the Shrine.”

I have seen the effects of time and what it has done to the Shrine. Their members are fewer and those that are left are getting older.

What must they do to replenish their ranks? They must, of course, start all over.

They need the room to return to the cycles beginning. Otherwise, their ranks will soon all be gone. No one left to carry the work on.

Society shall pull away and simply move on.

Protectionism is the main cause and the liability of the nobility. They can’t convey what their acts give back to us in return. How can they attract members without a platform from which to spring? No acknowledgement will be paid to the needs of a child in the end.

We must allow for the collective space in which to grow. Just like a farmer tending his fields. The combined actions of all will decide whether we rise or fall. We shall reap what we have sewn.

When you do not have a visual footprint within any community, you are doomed to fail. People need to see physically where they have invested. Not enough communities have their own hospitals at their core.

At the Shrine Centre level, the nobility must start, with the blessings from Tampa a new charitable activity to start.

Disharmony is caused through inaction, which can be interpreted as a slight.