“True Sacrifice for Love!”

As we define our own paths
I’ve walked truth’s fine firm line
Salvation is possible through true sacrifice
I avoided everyone’s personal influential opinions
So as to rule with love
I opted to forgo all money
To serve as KING with love
I always dreamed of this job
Ever since I was a child

I’ve set aside much personal sin
BALL seeks to twist any faith
That GATOU wishes to firmly establish
For they have had a disagreement
From ages past which is still
carried forward to this very day
Laws maybe twisted so they fall
GATOU seeks the restoration of TRUST
BALL seeks salvation for every soul

As I sit here at home
I’ve held onto truth’s fine line
Salvation through love is truly possible
Monetary pursuits are for governance only
By not accepting any monetary form
I have re-established the TRUST temporarily
So as to rule through love
my rule has been replaced sadly
By a corrupt short-term focus

As I toil through simple tasks
I’ve held onto my lofty goals
Of service and love for everyone
I’ve embraced the path of money
But kept its touch very limited
In order to keep my focus
As clear as the finest crystal
Refined through acts of pure love
Established from truth’s firm viewpoint

As my keys are firmly pressed
I contemplate my true path chosen
Since both Masonry and the Shrine
Share a mutual right to exist
Peace between both left and right
Has been temporarily established through love
But cannot exist through GREED
Self-sacrifice of the highest form
Is the only way its retained

As I ponder my simple life
I have sacrificed my true love
And walk the earth by myself
So as to avoid much sin
Born from the opinions of others
Oh, I have married and divorced
For she was not really happy
With her choice in my love
And went back to her ex

As my sadness ebbs and flows
I have medications to defeat depression
And to keep its grip away
Masonry and the Shrine are needed
Two halves of one true whole
The only way for true salvation
Is to re-establish love’s soft grip
And rigorously apply its soothing balm
And set aside hates circular path

I am determined, my ways set
My art is my true views
Etched out with wisdom from past
Born from both trial and error
I am truly far from perfection
Yet perfection is within my reach
Through my love for you all
I recognize both GATOU and BALL
Within my heart and mind’s eye

I have sacrificed my childhood memories
Lost to me is music’s discipline
Yet Music continues speaking to me
And I can frame my words
Against its pure rhythms and melodies
Without being able to write notation
I’ve given much away to help
Both sides of the TRUST heal
Through the art of true sacrifice!