“United By God We Trust!”

Oh, hey, can’t you all see that you are all loved by me?
As a humble king, I sacrificed, as my tears fell streaming.
I served for many years, as the focus for many dreams,
I silently watched as my past was swallowed by my future.
I have no proof of my gifts given for I cut all the strings,
As a silent mime I served, with the utmost love and humility.
Will my deeds go for naught? Will my love be coveted and sought?
Will the curtain fall upon my dreams, overturned by one less worthy?

I gave from my heart, armed with love and my art.
By siding with those that were right, I fought back the night.
Yet my voice remains silent. For the TRUST has its needs,
Others bask within love, sent from God up above.
While my gifts given are bound in silence, my mind fights for unity.
So, for there to be peace, we must embrace a single currency,
Based upon the value of life, with its infinite value.
Will we throw away our lives, for the purposes of those with greed?

We have issues and plights, we cry out “GOD!” morning, noon, and night,
Trying to pray for equality, but to gain it one must work for free.
For the TRUST is sacred, not a business filled with greed,
Taxation presently is being used negatively against the citizenry.
We collectively must unite, in our efforts serving the light,
And eliminate our differences, by embracing the use of common laws.
So long as GOD’s banner waves, we shall overcome being corporate slaves,
And the land will again be free, the planet shall then know liberty.

We can eliminate war and upon hate close that door,
By embracing all with love, sent to all by GOD above.
Peace can thus be achieved, by thinking of another first,
Above greed and selfishness, the sacrifices would achieve peace.
We would conquer hate, strife, and war,
And then humanity could advance farther than ever before.
In GOD we could then again TRUST and our lands shall unite as one . . .
Our planet will know peace and we could freely explore space!