“Waiting For Love to Draw Near.”

Placing my heart into all that I create.
Trying to give love in order to receive.
Extending my two hands to pull others up.
Asking for nothing in the hopes for love.
I was told many times not to care.

The things which I’ve given encased us all.
Yet I gave my all though many hands.
Taking no credit sowing the seeds of love.
Waiting for true love to come on back.
I was told many times not to care.

Sure I’ve made mistakes no one’s truly perfect.
I never wrote myself into our living opera.
In order to express my love through charity.
So Cupid’s many arrows could hit their marks.
I was told many times not to care.

I’m great at weaving words into our play.
Forsaking my emotional self, come whatever that may.
Although my service was cut sort from fear.
I’ve been waiting for love to draw near.

I’ve been a puppet. I’ve been a mime. I’ve been a king. These are my crimes.