“We Get What We Actually Give.”

We get many lies to swallow!
Life at times seems so hollow.
Wrong or right; who to follow?
Within our sins we do wallow!

Light, night in an endless fight.
Wrong, right. Endless is our plight.
Through darkness we find our light.
Sin augments our actual true plight.

We get many truths to follow.
Life tends to augment our sorrow.
Within our pain do we wallow.
Wrong or right; whom to follow?

Might, right in an endless fight.
Morning, noon, night. Who’s actually, right?
Many fall to darkness seeking light.
Sin frames our actual true plight.

Many approach life as a game.
This to me seems so lame.
Some grasp their fortune and fame.
Only to find loves no game.

We get what we actually give.
We must learn to truly forgive.
We must learn to actually live.
We get what we actually give.

“Can You Imagine?”

They simply had stopped to stare.
As the world past on by.
With the telling of many lies.
They put up all their walls.
Hate simply does try to justify.
Being better than you or I.

“People mistake wealth for true worth.
Basing their judgements upon the monetary.”

Can you imagine working for free?
Taking nothing as a humble king.
Trying to heal the many rifts.
Through gifts given from one’s heart.

Can you imagine what I’ve done?
Living a penniless and humble life.
Trying to avoid creating any sin.
Through benevolent sacrifice from one’s soul.

Can you imagine all my pain?
Unable to hold my true love!
We are all of us equals!
Through perceptions from my artistic mind.

Can you imagine the hidden truth’s?
They would fall down like dominos.
Yet I am sworn to silence.
Born from my true heart’s desire.