“Where Do I Fit in?”

Gifts gifted from ages past.
The sword, stone, and cross.
Reality is based upon perceptions.
Yours as well as mine.
Heaven and hell are perspectives.
Where do I fit in?
In this world of plenty.
Encased within all our sins.
No one person is perfect.
Trying like hell is key.
The devil’s in the details.
Law upon law warps reason.
Circles don’t have any end.
Heaven is not a punishment.
Hell is not a reward.
My kingdom is of self.
Love is within my heart.
My mind is the sword.
My heart is my shield.
All attainable within my kingdom.
I’ve set aside my hate.
Yin and Yang are constants.
Both serve their one purpose.
Balance starts within your mind.
Governed by your own heart.
This Lion is born anew.