“Wounded Love.”

I have had to give away,
Much of what I had to say!
Others now sing and act today,
From what I have said yesterday!

Not only giving a helping hand,
I have made a love filled stand!
I’ve become a one man band,
Love returned is my only true demand!

By my living a humble way,
I am able to hold true sway!
By building a tomorrow on yesterday,
Love is here in truth to stay!

I have had to stand aside,
As my love was sadly set aside!
A wound which festers deep inside,
My pain I can no longer hide!

Many things that I have done,
My gifts hidden by the setting sun!
I have already in truth won,
But others profit by what I’ve done!

What else must I give away,
For her to finally come my way?
What else must I really say,
My romantic old soul does hold sway!

(Repeat from the top once through)