Yet No One

Giving my love away, more than I could stand.
Everybody took some. Yet no one heard my heart filled demand.
Giving my art away, more than I can say.
Nobody saw me. Yet no one gave me a helping hand.
Giving my heart away, more than I could give.
Somebody help me. Yet no one heard my love filled prayer.
Giving my creative away, more than I could bare.
Everybody knows me. Yet no one chose to truly care.
Basking within my silence, my words all ring true.
Anybody hear me? Yet no one has answered the call.
Giving my future away, yet more I must give.
Everybody’s worth it. Yet no one has given their all.
Blinded by my love, deep within my old soul.
Giving away art is my calling; I now know my true role.
My heart has returned home. Yet I’m still living life alone.

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Spoken at the end of the second run through with conviction along with sincerity:

“I’d rather have no hands to hold, than to own another person’s sins from the days of old.”