Equality begins with your own perceptions. How do you look upon another person or group of people matters. Take a look at how you treat other people and try to govern your actions with humility, love and consideration.

Society and folks in general need love and compassion. However, presently it is caught within a reactionary construct based upon the opposite. When a cap on the treasury and a bottom line is enforced, it causes and inflicts damage. The damage is the handcuffing of the powers that society possesses to act proactively.

Furthermore, when taxation along with the fixation of debt collection is combined against the population, stagnation occurs.

Look at society from a historical lens. It was originally formed by those who shared the view that between us there ought not to be equality in order to retain their positions of authority and power based upon slavery at the core.

Common rules of law based on common sense must prevail in order to reestablish equality between us all. This would lead us to merge and join together and unify this planet through the United Nations concept and construct.

Lastly, a common currency could then be deployed at that time.

Currently, our entire financial system is based on divisiveness born from hate caused by the concept of differences in currency values.

Look everyone, I’m certain you value your own time. Furthermore, I assume you would like to be treated fairly with your time sacrificed in service within society through you employer. Right now, this is not possible for the system itself must be corrected.

Think about immigration for example, apply this concept and you will have determined the reason why people leave their homes of origin towards another country.

Lastly, any and all currencies used are in themselves are of little to no value without respecting the lives of the people being governed through its usage.