Global Funding Initiatives

We are globally caught within a reactionary construct which disrespects the lives of many cultures and participants. Conceptually, our true wealth upon this planet ought to be based upon the infinite value of our lives collectively. However, our current system, born from the days of enslavement, accomplishes that which it was designed for, to cause suffering, enslavement and death for many of the participants. When a cap and line is applied against any treasury, augmented by taxation and debt collection, capped off by material and monetary hoarding, the few retain their control over the many. This causes a reactionary construct, whereby we never act proactively, its always after the fact. A proactive construct is based upon the concept that all the people collectively (combined) are in ownership of our treasury, once we remove restraints such as debt collection, a cap and a line on the treasury and reducing taxation to modest levels (used to gauge the success of the laws enacted) and applying our funding at a one hundred percent level towards all positive efforts, a proactive construct is established. My question, now that you all collectively know our current problem and situation which I’ve pointed out upon our planet, how are we to come together and fix this situation? My humble suggestions are as follows: 1) Common rules of law 2) Merge governments and their institutions 3) Eliminate currency differentials and merge all into a single currency The UN or United Nations concept and construct is supposed to be embraced and the above enacted. Food for thought.