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Hourglass Eyes

Time spent upon reflectionsLosses take their tollIt’s hard to face rejectionNegatives corrupt one’s soulWisdom is gained through perceptionWhen using hourglass eyes Chasing illusions filled with dreamsReality comes as the money goesLife is a circus of choices madeAs we fight to maintain controlEach action faces its oppositeUntil you have nothing at allPrisons made by our own [read more]

The Nature Of Time

I am free! Able to go where the wind takes me. Directed by its strength until it steps aside, replaced by its opposite.Suddenly with a howl, a flurry of great magnitude takes place, covering all in its embrace.Then, just as suddenly, it relinquishes its hold and is gone. I am no longer free! I now [read more]


Traffic is comparable to life, constant surprises at every turn and at times something or someone stops you in your tracks. The trick is to travel safely from point “A” to “B” without mishap. 99% of the time we are able to do so without much difficulty. However, every now and then you will bottom [read more]

Broken Windows

Shopping through a broken window.Stuck behind a closed door.Empty stares; broken dreams.Depression bites some more. Hallways with locked doors.A window with a view.Faces change; events rearrange.Pick yourself up once more.Misperception with perception.Reality with a “kiss”.Thoughts arrange; paths change.Are you ready for more?Candy served after meal time.Stories told by the score.Phone rings; announcer sings.Visitors please use [read more]