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United we standHelping childrenHand in handGod fearing menOne and allWith the beliefOne that is SupremeWatches over all Of every creedReligion and raceIgnorance is the battleThat they wage and faceSelfless do they serveTheir hearts, mindsEfforts all in the right placeSilence through action their strength Will society not hear their call?To make the world a better place [read more]

Through Her Eyes

I often sit and wonderHow I must lookThrough her eyes Every morning as I awakenI am greeted with her unconditional loveWhich is always patiently waitingWithout ever making a soundHow I must lookThrough her eyes As I put on many milesShe is always by my sideWatching everything go byOh how must I lookThrough her eyes As [read more]

Jaded Old Man

Every day as I walk alongMy path has run on for yearsTime waits for no oneAs I look back upon my lifeI realized “I do not recognize this man!”He has become a jaded old man Satisfaction in life is such an elusive thingHard to grab hold of what is unseenHow can you see where you [read more]


Winter The ice grips the ground creating trails and sheets which make walking and driving a cautionary tale. We tend to be unthankful for the warmth of summer and all the comforts we enjoy during the season, alas, we tend to ignore the present, lost within the prisons of our own design as we scrape [read more]

Empty Pockets

You’ve been passed a deck of cardsIt’s now your time to dealWhether you have the winning handThe fates shall indeed eventually revealLife isn’t a game of chanceYet we all must pay and playLife is unpredictable, full of uncertainty?So stand, throw down your handChips will fall where they mayYou never know, perhaps you’ll winMore than you [read more]

Window Inside My Soul

I have given my art awayTo heal myself in many ways…But on my own I have grown…Trying to reap what I have sewn… Trying to exist in the world of greed…Is quite difficult I do concede…Because in my heart I love everyone…But being alone is not very fun… So I now try in every way…To [read more]

Please Leave Me

Please leave me…Believe me… Oh…Please believe me…Leave me… Yeah…I am better off without you!You’re better off without me!Some dreams turn into nightmares…I can’t live…Neither with or without you…I can’t give… I can’t give anymore…I’m sorry let’s break up… only to make up?I’m sorry let’s make up… only to break up?Making love… for no good reason [read more]