True Meaning Of Circus

Traveling here, there and everywhere! The sounds of laughter, the smell of hot dogs, pretzels and popcorn fill the air! Suddenly all goes quiet and a large clear voice begins to spin a tale of mesmerizing detail with the assistance of Shriners, cast, props and crew. Lights, music, food and good will are in abundance. [read more]

My Devil Inside

How can I heal inside?Hanging onto my foolish pride?How I do waste awayNot sharing what I can sayIn silence I do hideI find it hard to confideTrust is a serious thingBut I give away nothingHow I ignore my painThat drives me quite insaneWhy can’t I share my art?Because I simply fear my heartSlowly I embrace [read more]

Puppet On A String

Moving in all directionsA puppet on a stringWhen the master pullsYou get into the swingYou don’t control a single thing Age has taken it’s tollStill a puppet on a stringWhen the master pullsIts hard to get into the swingYaYou still don’t control a single thing Suddenly your time has comePlaced upon a shelfYour strings are [read more]

Plenty of angels in the sky

As the sun was shining downFrom up above in the bright blue skyEveryone was at peace, filled with loveEnjoying the sun, Haiti styleDealing with their daily livesUnder the Peace of tranquil skiesSuddenly there was rumblingNowhere to run…No place to hide…Why did this disaster have to happen?They did not have to die…God is not greedy…He already [read more]

The Silent Tide

Trying so hard to live each dayI reach on out and give things awayTrying to help others find their wayEmbracing the moment as it slips awayPulled in all directions yet I have no sayAs I sleep thoughts begin to gain swayCompulsive actions I try to hold at bay Searching, creating and letting goWords never truly [read more]

Peace Screams

As I lay restingTrouble follows me aroundAs she lay restingPeace screams; no sound She wanted to go dancingDrinking and to have funShe was now expectingI wanted to save someShe wanted her friendTo move right on inA house built on loveLet the end now begin As the moments passedThe further she walked awayLess did I now [read more]

He walked the line

He walked the line in his own good time… With his heart it lead himWith his eyes he did seeWith his master’s messageWith his love upon his sleeve He walked the line in his own good time… (Message verbal soft whisper):“We are all God’s children. We are all equal. We are all screw ups. We [read more]


View Post I awoke one autumn morning to silence, nothing and no one aroundNot a breeze in the air, no movement on the ground All was still and silent The multicolored leaves on the trees pull your gaze upwardsProviding a backdrop for the clear baby blue sky above All was still and silent Curls of [read more]

The Path Of Life

Standing along the edge of a wandering brook, you gaze into the water below. The reflection of you and the world around is disturbed by the constant movement of the water cascading over the bed of rocks. The sound of all this movement rushes to your ears adding its voice to the orchestra of life [read more]

Little Angels

I was just four years old.Living in the black hills of Dakota,Within a trailer park.One summers evening,Father came home from work.Both my Mother and Father sat me down,To explain my sister was on the way.Nine months past and we were back in Manitoba.Little did I know what an angel she would be to me. Every [read more]