Nature’s Treasures Encased Within Time

The pastel colors of springBlowing in the cool breezeAs the sun shone downUpon the scene of wildflowersA light dew upon everythingWith a strong grass smellHanging in the chill airNature’s bounty in early bloomThe dew glistening like diamondsNature’s wealth on full displayNothing does sadly last foreverDarkness dies cover all eventuallyThe scene fades to blackNight slowly relinquishes [read more]

Guns For Hire

Two ranchers are fightingEach wants the others goldBoth will stop at nothingUntil the others gold they holdBoth spend their moneyTryin’ to do the other inGuns for hire come a callingFor the bounty on their headsMany come a callingMany end up deadTheir endings are all the sameThey all end up like this The sheriff and undertakerBoth [read more]


The local mortician sighed as he confessed to himself that it had been another busy, depressing day. He proceeded to the two officers waiting outside the morgue and addressed them with a emotionally detached voice “The burn victims are ready for your identification”. Thus he departed shaking his head sadly muttering to himself about the [read more]


Imagine! A proactive approach taken by the world of politics whereby they recognize our true wealth upon this planet is life! Imagine! A single currency is adopted for the planet and its name is The UNITY DOLLAR system where they don’t base the currencies value upon greed whereby we fail but rather upon our lives [read more]