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Twelve is a special time;Opportunities to share God’s words.Reflecting on how you’ve grown,Are few and too infrequent.Happy having shared true witness. Twelve doesn’t come around twice!Only don’t grow too fast.Rejoice at being an adult.Allow for us this day.Hearing you read the Torah. Twelve where did time fly?Only seems as if yesterday!Revisiting memories of past years.And [read more]


Our little old buddy who is now in heaven oh how we miss calling your nameIn God’s kingdom come whatever will be done in heaven we shall meet again. Although you have departed and we now carry on heavy hearted you’re always within our thoughts may you be at peace chasing your dreams for in [read more]

Nature’s Treasures Encased Within Time

The pastel colors of springBlowing in the cool breezeAs the sun shone downUpon the scene of wildflowersA light dew upon everythingWith a strong grass smellHanging in the chill airNature’s bounty in early bloomThe dew glistening like diamondsNature’s wealth on full displayNothing does sadly last foreverDarkness dies cover all eventuallyThe scene fades to blackNight slowly relinquishes [read more]