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Will You Ever?

Will you ever come for me?My love filled dream and fantasy.Will you ever set me free?Without you, I fill with agony.Will you ever do for me?That which I’ve given for free. Will you ever?HmmmWill you ever? I designed your life with love.Tailored to fit as a glove.I did not in truth see.The forest from the [read more]


I keep emptying,Glass after glass.Trying to forgetWhat I recall.Some memories areNOT worth keeping,After all… Memory is indeed,A funny thing.We live outLives making them.But without love,Nothing is remembered.After all… I’ve kept giving,Hoping for love.Made many millions,For other people.I am unknown,without a dime.After all… I’ve been homeless.I’ve been kind.I’ve been ruthless.I’ve been happy.I’ve been sad.I’ve gone mad.After [read more]

Perception of Reality

We are within a prison without bars.Defined by our own perception of reality. What we see and touch anchors us.Yet life itself is trapped within illusions. Illusions are also known as dreams.Dreams are reflections from the soul. Trapped within a mirrors embrace.Darkness does cover all eventually


Every moment is framed by our actions.Every action must face down it’s opposite.Every reason must be born from love.Every time I reached out with truth. There’s both good and bad in heaven.There’s both good and bad in hell.There’s both aspects within each of us.There’s both perspectives within each of us. The choices made will define [read more]

Life’s Lessons

Everyone has a:Story that should be told.Wisdom that should be shared.Loss that needs to heal. We all die:More than once in life.So its important to live.So prepare to leave behind. Try to remember:Each and every single day.In a heartfelt personal way.Those that fell for freedom. Can you give:A moment of your time?Without expectation of any [read more]

Sin and Salvation

Money carries the needs of others.Their motives need to be impactful.Can you imagine working for free? No financial gains in charitable service.Turned down money for God’s love.Can you weave from the loom? Sin and salvation a fine line.Break no laws in God’s service.Do you exchange your precious soul? I have caused great events globally.Though my [read more]

The Pain Held Within

Silently I have cried.Many times I’ve died. (Soft Whisper) The pain held within Hidden with a smile.Going that extra mile. (Soft Whisper) The pain held within The burden of giving.To make a living? (Soft Whisper) The pain held within Living within the light.Yet within constant night. (Soft Whisper) The pain held within I’ve given for [read more]