Opposite Opinions

How can we all morally define?

With opposite opinions; Yours’ and Mine!

Love of life must always win.

Yet we embrace and justify sin.

We embrace both cap and line.

This shall bring death in time.

How can we limit humanities greed?

War’s used so business can feed!

How can we all morally define?

With opposite opinions; Yours’ and Mine!

The River Still Flows

Solitudes are like thoughts without sleep

No one is at peace, since none shall capture nor keep

Light rises with the dawn off into the distance

Perception misperception hear the carrion call

Since my death at 12 I have been reborn

Dear lady, dear lady, I have heard your call

I am hear, I am near, the river still flows

I am as the rain, saturating your soil

In Time, your seeds shall grow

“We die more than once in life. I have done so more often than most.”


Walking the path towards the light

Using your mind in a silent fight

Although your path is straight and sure

Nothing in life is really ever secure

The fates always fight to be free

Bad luck does always happen by three

Did you know that fate and chance

Are nothing more than a bad romance

The Devil is within your choices made

Heaven or hell the games are played

Walking the path with really no end

Using your mind as a silent friend

The path to glory must truly end

Sin and salvation the games without end

We use reason against rules of law

Seeking our salvation is our true flaw

It is within the confines of will

In which we swallow a bitter pill

For so long as balance is made

This constant game shall indeed be played.